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Annual Maintenance Kit for Lennox PureAir PCO-12 (First Generation)

MSRP: $539.00
Price: $299.00
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Lennox Pureair maintenance kit from Randazzo include the following:
1 - MERV 16 Pleated Filter
2 - UVA Lamps
1 - PCO Metal Insert 
 This kit IS easy to install!
The UVA lights activate the catalyst on the PCO metal insert that destroys chemicals as they flow through the system, turning them into carbon dioxide and water vapor. The system uses light (UVA), which reacts with a titanium dioxide-based chemical catalyst as air passes through it. Contaminants are destroyed rather than transferred. No toxic chemicals are used. Pollutants are adsorbed on the surface of the catalyst and oxidized to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Rather than just absorbing gaseous pollutants (as in carbon systems), PCO provides a reduction of absolute toxicity as the gaseous products from the complete photocatalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds are carbon dioxide and water.
 MERV 16 Precision Pleat™ media filter
Item Number: X8347
Manufacturer: Healthy Climate
Manufacturer Part No: X8347

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