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Ultraviolet Germicidal Light by Healthy Climate - UVC-24V

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This product will prevent mold and bacteria from building up on new a/c coils and kill and viruses or bacteria in the air stream. Typically, a/c coils are moist from running the air conditioner. The moister is from condensation. When metal is wet and a low quality filter is used in the furnace a perfect breeding ground is present for mold bacteria and other bioaerosols.  This system is also good for allergies and asthma. It will help loved ones breath better all year long.

Healthy Climate's UVC lamps use a UV-C band of ultraviolet light. They use the existing power off the furnace for operation (24 volts). Be sure to purchase the shielding baffle to prevent UV damage to plastic surfaces. The lamp requires replacement once a year for optimal performance. 

Keep the air in your home clean with a germicidal UV light from Healthy Climate. This light will kill and ward off harmfull molds, bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. 
Item Number: UVC-24V
Manufacturer: Healthy Climate
Manufacturer Part No: X9423

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